How to Setup A Solar Panel At Home

Why rely on the government when you can generate your own electricity? And it will be eco-friendly at the same time. It is like a one-time investment. You invest in the setup and then reap the benefits thereafter. Solar energy is one of the easiest ways for layman to generate electricity. Since it is a […]

How Does Electricity Work

The electricity that runs through your house wiring is nothing but flow of electrons. Electricity is provided to your household by the power station. And the power station generates electricity by turning the turbines. To turn the turbines, coal, natural gas, wind or water can be used. The household electricity is a three wire system. […]

The Birth of Solar City: Elon Musk’s Dream

Dreams are inspirational, they are the pushing factor lets us continue to strive for something on and on. Such is the dream of one person who has single-handedly taken upon sectors of challenges and succeeding them, Elon Musk is an army of thoughts and ideas. Today, we will be looking into The Birth of Solar […]

The Journey of a Solar Panel

The growth and the use of solar energy has been increasing over the past few years as compared to the other fuels; and it has become the world’s fastest growing fuel. In order to use this sustainable energy as well as to create natural resources of energy, the solar panels are used. Solar panels are […]