How Does Electricity Work

The electricity that runs through your house wiring is nothing but flow of electrons. Electricity is provided to your household by the power station. And the power station generates electricity by turning the turbines. To turn the turbines, coal, natural gas, wind or water can be used. The household electricity is a three wire system. It has two hot wires and one neutral wire. Energy utilized in homes in measured in Kilo Watt Hour (kwh) i.e. 1000 kilo Watts of energy being utilized in an hour at a steady rate. Bills are charge as per the KWh used by the household. The cost of electricity is calculated by multiplying the standardized rate by the time period for which electric energy was consumed. The energy generated in the power plant is supplied to households through the power station via distribution lines. High voltage transmission lines are laid across the country.

Various sources of energy

To generate electricity, the basic idea is to connect a generator to the turbine and spin the turbine. Now it depends on the user, what source they are using to generate electricity. The propellers of the turbine should spin in a circular motion. The mechanical energy generated is converted into electrical energy. If you are using wind as your source of energy, then the wind will cause the rotor to move. Then the shaft attached to the rotor will start spinning, which will in turn produce electricity. You can use coal or natural gas. The heat energy generated for them can be converted to electric energy.

How electricity works inside your home

You can locate the electricity panel right under or near the meter reader. This is the hub of your electricity network. Electric energy is distributed among all the socket points through this panel. Inside, the circuit connects the panel to the appliances through a black wire (generally) and a neutral wire (usually white) is connecting from these appliances to the central. A grounding wire is connected to the earth from the main panel. Why we do grounding? Because with grounding, the earth absorbs the electric shock when wires are short-circuiting.

The main panel is also referred as Load centre. Sub panels are placed inside the house to complete the connections. The switch boards and socket points are connected to these subpanels. Certain circuit breakers are also provided in circuits in order to avoid emergencies.

What is the purpose of the meter?

Meters generally consists of a spinning wheel and numbers being displayed mechanically. With changing times, the mechanical display of numbers has been replaced by digital display of numbers Meters basically display the reading of how much energy has been utilized by the organisation. Then that number is multiplied with an amount to calculate the electricity bill.

You can always switch to renewable sources of energy to save yourself from massive electricity bills. Renewable sources of energy requirement one-time investment for lifetime gains. And this way you can also contribute your bit to save or help the environment.