Reasons Why LED Lights For Fish Tank Is Getting More Popular

To make your aquarium more attractive you can fix led lights in it. But you should choose the right light which gives a healthy environment to your fish tank. There are many options other than fluorescent or traditional lighting. You should prefer bright colors with the right spectral range which can support plants in your fish tank and it will minimize the growth of algae.

Advantages Of Led Lights In Your TankLED Lights For Fish Tanks

If you want to take the advantages of LED Lights For Fish Tanks then you may set up a new tank having led lights fixed in it or fix the lighting system in your existing tank.

  1. Led lights consume low energy. It uses up to 80 percent electricity less than other aquarium lights. It will save your energy cost and will help in ensuring greener India.
  2. Use of led technology will control the heating of water present inside the fish tank and will ensure a more friendly environment for the creatures residing inside your fish tank.
  3. Fluorescent light bulbs generate heat more than led lights which heat the tank water. Led lights also need good air circulation which increases the lifespan of led lights.
  4. Led lights should be dim as it will be beneficial for fishes and for the marine plants. You can also change the color of led lights with the help of remote or any app. You should select bright colors and right wavelength which will support the temperature of the fish tank and the growth of plants.
  5. Led lights are coming in various colors which give interesting accent to your tank. 8000k i.e. white spectrum denotes photosynthesis process of your plants and will also make orange, red and yellow fish more attractive and beautiful. You can also go for green, red and blue color which is also very supportive of plants. 12k the white and magenta combo is perfect for your plants in a fish tank. Your fluorescent fish will glow if you use night lunar light, royal blue lights are also very popular which is of 445 nanometers.

Disadvantages Of Led Lights In Your Tanks

  • Many fish tanks do not include led lights you have to buy LED Light For Fish Tanks only a fixture is provided in some aquariums.
  • A led fixture is very costly. If you are planning to buy the fixtures then your budget should be high.
  • Many fixtures don’t support low to medium lights. Kelvin ratings from 6500k to 7000k are good for plants in the fish tank.

Led lights provide good light and it produces low heat. You can also set the timer in the led lights so that it can be off after some time by which fishes can sleep very easily and can be switched on automatically after some time so that fishes can eat their food. By using and knowing about the lighting options for your fish tank you will be helpful in promoting a healthy environment for your fishes and plants available in your fish tanks and also provides a friendly environment for your fishes.